Recent Exhibits

Jennifer Zona, “The Woven Wonderland” (Aug-Sep2023)

Jennifer Zona, in her exhibit Alternative Grid, deviates from traditional weaving methods and creates an installation which invites the viewer to explore the joyful environment she has created. In her awareness and concern for the environment, Jennifer chooses to work with wool and other sustainable materials which would most likely have been discarded. Her bright, colorful, sculptural wall hangings of intersecting lines, shapes and colors create a safe and playful space.

“I want to create an environment of bright, playful colors to surround you, to give a space to walk through that uplifts your energy and changes your feelings toward happiness; a space you’ve not experienced.”

Elizabeth Kuntz, “Visions from the Heart” (Aug-Sep2023)

“Visions from the Heart” is a series of pastel drawings representing an incredible journey of personal and spiritual growth. Elizabeth Kuntz created this body of work for a soon-to-be released book which was written by her teacher, Vasilios Firippis, a Master of Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation. Each one of her drawings is a visual interpretation of a specific emotion, inspired by passages from her teacher’s extraordinary book. Elizabeth is an intuitive Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, and Senior Advanced Instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong. She returned to her hometown of South Bend, Indiana, in 2019 after living in Nicosia, Cyprus for 22 years. Her most influential art teacher was her father, the late Robert Kuntz, who was a talented sculptor and woodworker.

Laurie Rousseau “Transformative Nature” (Jun-Aug2023)

Laurie’s recent work, exhibited in the Fehlner Family Gallery, explores ancient Goddess figurines and celebrates the female form as a creator of life and connection to the earth. This series is an exploration of the energy of the maternal spirit. Images of the goddess and her artifacts serve as a point of departure as Laurie considers the symbols of female power while bringing forth imagery that expresses the hidden potential of the feminine for transformation.Laurie is an artist and educator, living in South Bend, who developed her love for drawing nature and the human figure during her college years and explored a variety of techniques. Her work has been consistently influenced by nature and she continues to be influenced by the environment, climate change, and the human body. Laurie creates images that communicate to the viewer that life is interconnected and fragile. Our bodies should be valued and protected; the natural world which our bodies are part of should be valued and protected.

Brian Tilbury “Abstract Realism” (Jun-Aug2023)

Brian’s paintings are influenced by Vincent Van Gogh whose work inspired him to draw and paint from nature. Brian uses continuous and semi-continuous lines which follow the pattern of light he sees in the landscape. Forms are laid in with a variety of tones and intensities of color overlaid with lines to define how light moves within them. Brian’s encourages people to break artistic boundaries, contrary to the norms of the contemporary art world; to elaborate on tradition and not abolish it.

Brian’s work is now displayed in the Showplace Gallery and has been exhibited throughout Southwest Michigan where he has also been featured in local news articles.

Niles Art Association – Celebrating 25 years! (Jun-Aug2023)

Although the Niles Association formed in 2002, the community has had strong arts organizations since 1977. Approximately thirty multi-media artists “enrich the community through the arts” by hosting speakers, gallery exhibits. Members meet regularly for artist demos and to share their work. Artists’ work is on display in the intimate space of the Hess Library Gallery.

B.Morgavan “Various Faces of Pottery Firings” (Jun-Aug2023)

As a potter who has been making pots for over 35 years B.Morgavan has had the good fortune of working with many experienced potters. B.Morgavan learned much from them as well as having had the opportunity to fire pots with various potters using various firing techniques.

David Allen – Oil Paintings (May-Jun2023)

David Allen, an oil painter, is known for his local city and neighborhood scenes. He works outside, on location, in real time both summer and winter. He also paints non-representational work in his studio. Although he does not have an academic degree, Allen has enjoyed a lifelong mentor-ship under the late Harold Zisla, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University South Bend. Allen states that Zisla’s “critiques and thoughtfulness account for any knowledge of art I enjoy beyond the merely naive.”

David Allen resides in South Bend, Indiana, and now in his “70’s” has been painting since the age of sixteen. His work has been shown in the Peter Barlow Gallery in Chicago and the Denise Debroe Gallery in Manhattan, among others. His paintings are in the permanent collection of the South Bend Museum of Art and the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart.

Alli Farkas – “Sky Pads” (May-Jun2023)

Alli Farkas comes from a family of artists and has been drawing and painting from childhood through college as an art major, and later as a dual-subject professional specializing in rural landscapes and equine portraits. Her preferred media include oils and watercolors along with occasional ink drawings.

“Sky Pads” represents an artistic interpretation of common Michigan lily pads; white water lilies (Nymphea) and Spatterdock (Nuphar).

Their very mundane commonality usually leads to their very common representation in art, so her goal as an artist is to give them the most uncommon presentation that she can imagine. The end result gifts the viewer with a sense of peace, quiet, tranquility, relaxation, and visual engagement.

Cara Lawson-Ball – “Abstracted Thoughts” (May-Jun2023)

Michigan artist Cara Lawson-Ball creates bronze sculpture and multimedia paintings inspired by her appreciation of the Great Lakes Region and its inhabitants. Through the use of imagined line and strong color, Cara’s work encourages viewers to linger in all our wild places, both in ourselves and in nature. Cara studied metalsmithing at Oxbow Art Institute of Chicago in 1997, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at IUSB in 1999, and studied business at St Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, in 2013.

Cara’s art is held in collections of Wellfield Botanic Gardens and the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart; Wildlife Prairie State Park in Peoria County, IL; and Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, IL. Her website is

William Carlos Lane El – Drawings, in Memoriam (May-Jun2023)

William Carlos Lane EL (1976-2021) started elementary school at Brandywine in Niles, Michigan, where he was the art student of Nana Maher. William enjoyed drawing, Karate, and riding his bike and as he grew, enjoyed soccer, football and playing his horn in Junior Band. He completed his GPA with a 90% grade point average.

In his adult life, William earned many awards and certifications for a variety of achievements. As he grew older he became interested in the Moorish Hood and in 2001 he joined the Gambia West Africa and was given the name Cher no Kalalis Abally. He went on to achieve Dorsey Beauty Certification to become a beautician and barber. He received an achievement award from Gem Project Sapphire for his studies of gems and minerals. William attended the University of Michigan where he completed studies in Fine Arts. He even explored tattooing and massage. He was obviously a Jack of all Trades, interested in exploring life in many different directions , but his art remained central to it all.

This exhibit represents most of what little remains of his work. Presented in his loving memory by Debra Batson, William’s Mother.

Butch Welch – “Sculpting with Light” (Apr-May2023)

Opening Reception Sunday April 16 from 2-4 pm. Artist’s Talk at 4 pm.

Butch Welch became interested in photography at an early age, in his home town of Kinderhook, NY. During his freshman year at the University of Washington, Welch met another student who showed him how to process black and white film. Upon graduation, he started a commercial studio in Seattle and spent the next 15 years photographing people and products for designers and advertising agencies. In 1985, he moved to Southern California where he spent 26 years as a photographer and art director in Los Angeles. In 1992, Welch began creating black and white landscape photographs, and exhibiting in galleries. Taking early retirement in August 2012, he relocated to St. Joseph, MI, to pursue his passion for fine art photography.

High School & Middle School Student Art Exhibit (Apr2023)

Award Reception Wednesday, April 12 at 6 pm.

This exhibit features work from Tri-County area art students from April 5 – April 30. Dr. Richard and Cindy Beckermeyer are sponsoring cash awards, and a Class Scholarship will be awarded by the Roti Roti Art Center Board of Directors at the reception on April 12, at 6pm.

Empty Bowls Pottery Presale

Empty Bowls Soup Supper Friday, April 21 from 4-7pm at the Buchanan High School.

Pottery displayed in our showcases are for sale to take home starting at $5 to support our local food pantry, Redbud Area Ministries. Each piece purchased will give you a free ticket to the Empty Bowls Soup Supper.

The Buchanan High School will host the Empty Bowls Soup Supper on Friday, April 21, from 4-7pm in their gym. This is the 28th year of this fundraiser and the proceeds will support the Food Pantry at Redbud Area Ministries. The Roti Roti Art Center provides our pottery studio and materials to make bowls and other pottery to donate for this important mission.

Dr Richard Beckermeyer “Kenya Colors” (Feb-Apr2023)

Dr. Richard Beckermeyer has practiced dentistry in Niles for 27 years. He has joined with a mission to care for the underserved that have no chance for dental care internationally. Clinics were provided in Kenya where he performed cleanings, fillings, x-rays, consultations, root canals and extractions. During his time in Kenya, he captured photographs of the many beautiful animals experienced on safari.

“Roadscapes and Portals and Serpentine Dreams” (Feb-Apr2023)

Liz Roetzel describes herself as a conceptual artist with a decorative sensibility. She creates abstract art about subjects that are meaningful to her while incorporating her love for strong color, well-defined edges, and interesting composition. She works with acrylics, mixed media and acrylic on wood.

Her show will focus on three series: Roadscapes– an interpretation of landscapes as motion; Portals– a tribute to the inner aspects of women; and Serpentine Dreams– recognition of the serpent as a symbol of healing, wisdom, primal energy, flexibility, and resisting temptation.

Born in LaPorte, IN, Liz has recently returned to the Midwest after a lifetime of collecting experiences.  Since earning her BFA at Memphis College of Art in 2007, Liz’s work has been juried into numerous solo and group shows.

Louise Amundson “Dragons and Other Clay Pieces” (Feb-Apr2023)

Louise Amundson began creating art at a very early age and she now uses clay to make some popular things like cups, bows and teapots, however, her “favorite things to make are very unusual and unique one-of-a-kind items.”  Her work is displayed at Heartland Art Gallery in Plymouth, IN, where she is a member.

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