269-697-4005 or rotirotiartcenter@gmail.com

NEW HOURS: We have expanded our hours and are now open Wednesday – Sunday from Noon to 6pm, and closed Monday and Tuesday. Classes may be scheduled and held outside of public hours. Only current students and/or parents or guardians accompanying a student are allowed in the building during these time period. Students are asked to ring the doorbell for entry outside of public hours.

Instructors will be deciding on an individual bases when they are ready to open their classes.

Teach at Roti Roti Art Center!

Proposal forms may be turned in at any time, but do have deadlines to be included in brochures and publications. Class rooms are reserved on a first come first served basis. Forms may be submitted in paper or digital form. Our contact information can be found here. Please submit images of projects with your proposals.

Session One (January/February/March). Submission deadline November 1st. Release date last week of November.

Session Two (April/May/June). Submission deadline February 1st. Release date 1st week of March.

Session Three (July/August/September). Submission deadline May 1st. Release date 1st week of June.

Session Four (October/ November/ December). Submission deadline August 1st. Release date 1st week of September.