April 15 Public Reception

The public is invited to attend this free reception on Sunday, April 15th from 2-4pm to celebrate the current exhibitions at the Buchanan Art Center. Light refreshments provided. Exhibit runs 3/28/18-5/5/18.

Roti Roti Gallery – Inside / Outside
Oils by Jackie Welsh and Cheryl Phelan

Showplace Gallery – High School & Middle School Art Exhibit

(Show runs 3/28/18-4/19/18)

Hess Library Gallery – The Art Experience
Featuring artwork by GateWay Services Participants.



Kewanna Landscape.jpg
Kewanna Landscape by Cheryl Phelan


Several of the still life paintings in this exhibition were created while Cheryl and I were painting (with others) in a turn of the century building in Kewanna, Indiana.  Why do we paint when others are so much better? We paint to discover ways to show viewers what we see in a vista that inspires us to make a painting. Maybe it’s a cloud with the light behind it? Or, we struggle away to mix just the right color to paint the inside of the teacup. Sometimes we get it right! Our Kewanna mentor and friend, Diane Tesler, continues to inspire us. A few of the landscape paintings shown here, were started in the wildlife-filled environment of Edisto Island, South Carolina, where we spent a chilly week in January 2018. Even with strong winds, we sketched at the beach and set up our easels on the last sunny day to paint at Mossy Oaks Farm. Painting partners and best friends, we share tips, art books, encouragement, while making coffee and art and enjoying a good laugh. At least one of the paintings was started on location and finished in my garage.

Jackie Welsh

When painting still life paintings in oil, I see more than the objects.  The objects transcend into characters or icons for me.  The groupings can tell a story, establish a moment in time, develop a dialogue…or sometimes it is just about beauty, color and form.  The landscapes are mostly painted outdoors and finished with reference photos.  I try to capture the beauty around us in every day places in our every day life.  My hope is to transport the viewer to a place or evoke a feeling or an emotion. I paint with friends in a workshop setting, in each other’s studio or outdoors.  Painting together is not only pleasurable, we are constantly learning from each other.  Jackie and I travelled to Edisto Island, South Carolina this January. We have included several of our paintings from that time. We have painted together for a long time. She pushes me to do more, see more and has my back. And, yes, I have been in her garage many times. Life is pretty good and art makes it better.

Cheryl Bennett Phelan


Biography – Jackie Welsh

Jackie Welsh has been looking at, thinking about, talking about, and making art for over thirty years.

Welsh is known in the South Bend, Indiana, arts community for her twenty- plus year career as curator of education, public programs, in South Bend art museums. Welsh worked first at the South Bend Museum of Art, followed by ten years at the University of Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art, where she collaborated with schools, taught docents, and developed community programs. In the early 1990’s Welsh was the manager of the Art Market Sales and Rental Gallery (now the Dot Shop) at SBMA.

While developing the annual Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) community celebrations held at the Snite Museum, (2000 – 2010) Welsh discovered her love of Mexico’s cultural traditions, Latino art and artists, and the colorful folk art created for the Day of the Dead. She volunteers with Day of the Dead celebrations at Notre Dame, at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture and elsewhere in the South Bend community. In 2017, she returned to Oaxaca, Mexico for Day of the Dead festivities, visits to the cemeteries and churches and to the studio homes of folk artists in the suburbs of Oaxaca City.

Welsh has volunteered at the SBMA with the Scholastic Art Awards, at ND Center for Arts and Culture, Perley Fine Arts Academy, Fernwood, and the Hoosier Art Patrons since her retirement.

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Welsh graduated from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina, fifty years ago with a BA in Psychology and Studio Art for Teachers. She has studied painting with several Notre Dame professors including Doug Kinsey, Don Vogl, and Maria Tomasula.  While living in Baltimore in the mid 1980’s she studied with Eugene Leake, former head of the Maryland Institute of Art.

For several years, Welsh has attended a still life painting workshop with noted teacher and artist, Diane Tesler, in Kewanna, Indiana. Summer, 2017, she spent a week at Oxbow, (the summer school of the Art Institute of Chicago) focused on printmaking techniques. She participated in a Monotype workshop and exhibition at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture. Following a trip to Cuba in May 2017, she created a series of monotypes with Master Printer, Jill Lerner.

Welsh’s art has been included in exhibitions at the Midwest Museum of American Art, Church of the Savior Atrium Gallery, Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve, the Jewish Federation Gallery, Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, and the Hoosier Salon. She was recognized in the IUSB publication entitled “ Fine Arts of the South Bend Region 1840-2000”.

Biography – Cheryl Bennett Phelan

Cheryl Bennett Phelan divides her time between family, friends and art making.  She is as passionate about her art as a full time artist. As an artist, nothing inspires her more than visiting art museums or artist’s studios, looking at art reproductions in her collection of art books, discussing art over coffee or painting with friends. Although Phelan has worked in many media, she now spends her time painting in oils.

Phelan has been heavily involved in the South Bend area arts.  She has been an art instructor in area schools and museums. She has been involved with museum administration and was the Director of Scholastic Art Awards Program. Phelan works part-time as a curator for The Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve Galleries.

Growing up on a farm in Beaverton, Michigan, she now treasures her precious childhood setting as a foundation for life long learning. She was a non-traditional student.  After 2 years of study at Western Michigan University, she married and began her family.   Years later after signing up for a local art class, area artist Lois Scannell encouraged her to return to her studies.  Phelan eventually earned her Bachelor of Science at Indiana University of South Bend, taking as many art classes as possible. After attended classes at University of Notre Dame, St Mary’s of the Woods and more graduate classes at IUSB, she earned her Masters in Education and teaching certification.  She continues to attend workshops for further instruction.

Phelan’s mentor and influence in recent years has been Diane Tesler, teacher, friend and artist.  While attending IUSB, she studied with Alan Larkin, Harold Zisla, Susan Hood and Stephanie Spencer.

Exhibition of Phelan’s artwork includes:  The Midwest Museum of Art, The South Bend Museum of Art, Fernwood Clark Art Gallery, Kewanna Show, Woodlawn Hospital and The Church of the Savior Atrium Gallery. She was also mentioned in the IUSB publication entitled “Fine Art of the South Bend Region 1840-2000” listing of Michiana Artists.



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