FIVE EXHIBITS July 25 thru September 3, 2022

Meet the artists at their reception Friday August 5 at 4-6 p.m.

See some of the works on display on our website or FB

“WOODWORK AND WINGS”  Bridget Marcus & Ron Lofthouse  Roti Roti Gallery

Bridget Marcus’s passion for birds is revealed in her works featured in the upcoming, joint exhibition. Five years ago she began doing a watercolor “bird-of-the-day” and then evolved into creating larger pastel works where her love of intense, highly saturated color is shown. “Flight Patterns” depicts South African birds, each one inspired by a personal story, placed on a tension-creating background. The portraits of Midwest birds have all been created as a result of the enjoyment she experiences seeing them in her Michigan woodland backyard. She aims to share her love of and reverence for some of these magnificent creatures and hopes to inspire those who see her work to slow down, notice, and feel

Ron Lofthouse, a Michigan native, is a self taught woodworker and craftsman. His pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind works of art due to his rare connection with the essence of each piece of wood and how it could best be presented to exhibit its most beautiful characteristics. His repertoire is diverse, sophisticated and finely fashioned designs with clean lines and more rustic compositions for outdoor use. His kitchen utensils and charcuterie boards are all totally original, individually sanded and finished by hand. All the items are made from locally sourced hardwoods. 

“FISH AND LIPS”     David Raymond   Showplace Gallery

David Raymond loved art class in high school, but no one understood his stuff.  He attended Kendall College of Art and Design …then his career took off in the advertising world.   After about 23 years of graphic design and art direction it was time to have some real fun. So what does a retired commercial artist do after that? You guessed it – fine arts.  He lived in Florida for twenty years…while sitting at his kitchen table one day Voila!
“Catfish” – a whimsical interpretation of aquatic life. So off he went.  There are hundreds of different fish with common names. And then came “Girls with Big Lips.”  It seemed a natural extension of the fish (some with big lips).  He hopes everyone enjoys his images.

“GREAT LAKES”    Cindy Jackson    Hess Library Gallery

Cindy has two Associates degrees from Southwestern Michigan College as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University.  She worked at Graham Photography for over 25 years. The focus of her subjects has been nature, unique architecture and historical genre. Cindy has been capturing photographic images since childhood and is inspired by the simplicity of the smallest creation and handiwork of God. Her work has been widely shown and is in numerous collections.

“BRONZE, AGE”   Gloria Wicks (1925-2014)   Hess Library Gallery

Gloria studied at John Herron institute and later in life found her self with time and resources sufficient to explore the techniques of classical bronze sculpture at Indiana University South Bend and Fire Art Studio.  Gloria’s personality was a force of nature. She was optimistic, outgoing, practical, generous, opinionated, and empathetic.  She loved a good laugh, color and every passing loveliness of the world.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes pensive, active or monumentally static, her bronze women are creatures of experience – both her own and what she saw of others.

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